What is happiness?
I made a habit to listen deep inside myself as often as possible, and make sure I am rooted in happiness. If I catch myself being immersed and lost into too much every day drama, I stop to direct my attention to my higher consciousness, my high-speed router to happiness. Being happy for me is just that, being happy. It is the realisation that nothing else is needed at this very moment. So at it’s very core, being happy is being. This is a beautiful cinematic glimpse of happiness …

Sometimes I wonder whether the sheer simplicity of happiness makes it somehow boring, but then I realise that it represents only the foundation upon which my own character can develop and thrive without the fear of losing anything or failing at something. The ability to access happiness at any moment gives me the freedom to try anything, because I am detached from outcome and live without fear of failing. What can go wrong in life? Nothing. What could go possibly wrong when all that can happen to you is to live. It is a freedom that I cannot believe I ever lived without. To know that many humans live in constant fear of failing, most of whom might never know what it feels like to be truly free, is disturbing and very sad. I am not sure what to wish for them, a bit of relief or to sink deeper in despair to maybe finally wake up from it.
I am truly grateful that my journey through life gave me the gift of true contentment and happiness. Being able to clear the mind of its constant chatter makes me come back from any outward dream I might be temporarily stuck in. I cannot believe how obvious the message of The Matrix is and that people just fail to see it. Then again, a familiar nightmare might be more bearable to some people than an unknown paradise. Happiness could after all be just a choice …



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