My first blog

Wow, my first blog!

I thought I immediately post a first blog after creating my account, otherwise I would just procrastinate.
Why did I create a blog account? I guess I just what other people did … I just followed an inner urge to get content out. I want to blog because there are things I want to share, or maybe just write down. I just cannot bear any longer not to write about my thoughts and feelings.

I feel that it is getting increasingly difficult to have real, long conversations with people in this day and age. Technology overrides ancient ways of communicating. But at the same time it is getting easier to access peer groups, however small they are, to access like-minded people with shared experiences, shared thoughts and maybe a similar wish to be part of something bigger.

My wish is to create a series of blogs that might be useful to other people, in any possible way. The content will revolve around my daily efforts to ‘live wide and love deep’, my early and ongoing struggles with being a hypersensitive person, the spiritual journey I am on and my intentions to become every day a little bit more the best human being I can be.



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